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Bugtraq stats.

Contributed by Dengue on from the put-up-or-shut-up dept.

Noryungi writes : "This article on ZDNet is all about the BUGTRAQ stats -- NT being the "worst" operating system for security systems (as if that's a surprise). What's more interesting for OpenBSD is the short list at the end of the article in which we can see that OpenBSD has a grand total of less than 10 security issues reported in the last 4 years. Sweet... "

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  1. By Hugo Villeneuve () on

    If you follow bugtraq religiously like me, you have to ask yourself, what's counting as a security bug in the OS.

    Cause FreeBSD sends big security announcement for each security bug for programs in its port tree. Do they count also?

    I don't have a problem with Microsoft count. I'm happy I don't use their product much.

  2. By Boris () on

    OpenBSD 4 bugs in 1999.
    Way too much. Very scary.

  3. By () on

    Let's not forget that other operating systems are used much more than OpenBSD. I think that if more people used OpenBSD more security bugs would be found.


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