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Contributed by Dengue on from the new-neighbors dept.

Looks like Daemon News has a little competition. BSD Today , part of has just shown up on my radar (yeah, I know, I need to get out more). Their timeline makes for some interesting reading. They have their finger in a lot of pies, among some of their properties are: JustLinux , PHP Builder , and Linux Today . It looks like BSD Today is only about 2 weeks old judging from the content available.

This is from's media kit:

", the E-Business and Internet Technology Network is a leading provider of global real-time news and information resources for Internet industry and Internet technology professionals, Web developers and experienced Internet users. operates a network of 106 Web sites, 132 E-mail newsletters, 117 online discussion forums and 78 moderated E-mail discussion lists with over two million unique visitors that generate more than 120 million page views monthly."

Well, what's 800lbs. and smells like a daemon? Somehow I thought it would take longer for this to happen to the BSD community, if it would ever happen. But I guess the writing's been on the wall since the Walnut Creek/BSDi merger.

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  1. By Jan J () on

    That was the ugliest daemon I have ever seen (top left corner)

    A Linux ad on the left?

    And I also like the OpenBSDJournal, DaemonNews layout with a few lines about the news, not just the topic..

    1. By Fuzy|ogic () on

      I agree, that devil thing looks evil. Not like the cute Daemon... Daily Daemonnews and the Journal are also much more attractive...

      BTW what happened to the old OpenBSD Diary`s articles? There was something on using ipf to block portscans that I didn`t get to finish reading...

      1. By James Phillips () on file:/dev/null

        The old content of OpenBSD Diary is sitting in a tarball somewhere. I am now leaving the documentation up to the OpenBSD FAQ team, as they do a more comprehensive and expert job of it than I ever could. A good starting place are the examples provided in /usr/share/ipf , and of course, the OpenBSD FAQ .


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