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BSD RULES! -- especially if you *VOTE*

Contributed by Dengue on from the little-daemons-with-coffee-grinders dept.

John Daniels has provided us with an update on the effort to get a native BSD port of Java from Sun.


If you have not seen my previous emails asking for your vote for a native port of Java on *BSD at Sun's Java Developers Connection (JDC), please vote now (JDC membership is free) at:


If you would like more information, please see:


If have voted already, THANK YOU. Did you know that you have 3 votes? (unethical? Hey I don't make the rules)

Now for some statistics: Since my first message about 3 weeks ago, nearly 400 votes have been recorded for the Java on FreeBSD Request for Enhancement (RFE), an increase of 13.4%! Our RFE now has 4 times as many votes as the #2 RFE, and as many votes as the next 8. The more votes that we can get, the more powerful is the *BSD message to Sun.

FYI: IBM has announced an "early release" of JDK 1.3 on Linux. Several *BSD friendly folks have started requesting a port of the IBM JDK in the discussion forum at:

* (Look for "FreeBSD support" in the Linux-JDK-1.3.0 discussion list.)

This will be my last "get out the vote" message for a while, as I think that I have reached most people who care to vote.

Lastly, I would like to thank the FreeBSD Java porting team once again for their outstanding efforts. I, myself, am not a part of the java porting team, just a user who would like to use a native port and support the *BSD platform.


PS Please forward this message to any person, list, or organization that may want to support this effort. "

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  1. By bsdguy () on

    lost my bestest freind today
    and my boss is mad at me but BSD still RULZ!!!!


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