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GET OUT THE VOTE! Please support java port to BSD

Contributed by louis on from the squeaky-wheel-gets-the-oil dept.

John Daniels writes: "Hi: Since last week when the message below [See the link to last week's article -ed] and other messages began to circulate, approximately 230 votes have been cast for the java port to *BSD. This has raised our total count to 3182, an increase of 7.75%. Additionally, it is heartening to read the comments left by those who have voted which clearly demonstrate the depth of loyalty that *BSD users have for their platform of choice."

Greg Lewis, who heads the FreeBSD-java porting effort has released the first "alpha" patchset for FreeBSD, the seventh in a series of patchsets representing months of work by many *BSDers. These volunteers have made a tremendous effort that is sure to enhance the *BSD plaform whether Sun comes around to an "official" port or not. The best way to say "Thanks" is to 1) help with testing, 2) VOTE!

FYI: I am not a part of the java porting team, just a user who would like to use a native port and support the *BSD platform.


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  1. By Satan () on


    Lets not ruin BSD. Keep it pure :) Say NO to Java. We talk C and Fortran don't you know (as well as Runes)...

    - Satan

    PS - I do write Java 2, but I hate it... Now where did I hide all those pointers...

    1. By Java Sucks Anyway () It Really, Really Does on And It Isn't Getting Better Very Quickly

      I wouldn't worry about Java. Sun seems committed to their effort to destroy Linux by means of withholding decent Java support, and the exact inverse is what's happening - Java is dying off prematurely while Linux is replacing Solaris and other similar systems at an ever increasing pace.

      And then there are the BSD people. We don't seem to care much(most of us, anyway,) about Linus's "world domination." As such, we'd do best to worry more about the quality of our systems and less about whether Scott McNealy's self-mutilating corporation is going to "bless" us with technology that was released immature and still hasn't really become what was originally promised 5 years ago.

  2. By Anonymous Bastard () on




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