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Secure-by-default Linux distro?

Contributed by louis on from the imitation-is-the-sincerest dept.

Curtis Collicutt writes : " Version 1.0 of a new distribution of Linux - called Trustix Secure Linux - was released on March 13th. The distribution is commercially supported by Trustix ( Trustix Secure Linux is available for free download from, or on CD from the website for $39 USD. "

"It looks like a good project, especially considering it’s possible to obtain commercial support, but I question the integrity of the project when it is so closely connected to a corporation and the fact that I was unable to find any licensing information on the site. Not to mention statements such as “[the project] is done by using carefully selected components from well-known reliable sources like the GNU Project and the Linux Kernel in addition to software created specifically for Trustix”, which may indicate proprietary software in the distribution (though I have very little knowledge of licensing, so I’ll stop now)."

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  1. By Niekze () on

    Let em go 3 years without a remote exploit in the default install...then we will be impressed.
    RedHat is catching up with us. In 2 years and 362 days, they will reach 3 years...thats if they last that long =) (i give em till next thursday)

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I'd hate to one day look at this distribution as a serious niche competitor to OpenBSD. Although most security-conscious folks realize that no matter how Linux is boxed up, it still won't be as secure as OpenBSD, Linux-related software has uncannily been able to go against many odds in the past. It can't be ignored at the least.

  3. By Some Guy that comes here a lot... () on

    I bet a lot of people who will reply to this post will silently think that Linux is aiming at taking the throne away from OpenBSD. But who cares?

    Ìf FreeBSD and Linux is more secure than OpenBSD in in the long run, good for them!

    Let's not keeping looking from the fence at what our neighbours are doing and lets concentrate on creating the best operating system that suits OUR needs.

    Personally, I'd concentrate more on writing a journaling file system for OpenBSD or implimenting (better) SMP support than worrying about how close Linux' security is getting to OpenBSD...

  4. By _azure () on

    After three days I still haven't been able to successfully wget this operating system.



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