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BSD counter has new home

Contributed by louis on from the orphan-site-no-more dept.

Alex tells us the BSD counter mentioned Monday has a new home as part of the Daemon News BSD portal. The new URL is .

Assuming that no one camp is no more, ahem, boastful than the others, the numbers make for interesting reading.

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  1. By Josh () on

    Seems kind of bloated considering OpenBSD has the most. Just seem to find many more FreeBSD users out there.

    1. By Niekze () on

      Heh. OpenBSD sticks together.

  2. By Tyrann () on http://www.Astux/com

    This would be nice to have stats by continents (or Countries), and by kind of activies (University, Commercial, so on).

    Nice idea, anyway, and perharps the afterboot man page could refer to it (assuming the URL is definitive).

  3. By james phillips () on file:/dev/null

    Well, I have added my 4 machines to the total.

  4. By Chris Cappuccio () on

    I counted 36 machines

    That's because I use OpenBSD in servers, routers/firewalls, workstations, test boxes.

    I guess FreeBSD and NetBSD are never used
    for these purposes ;)


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