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Worldwide distribution for OpenBSD

Contributed by louis on from the make-room-on-the-shelf dept.

OpenBSD CD-ROMs are now being distributed worldwide through Frank Kasper & Associates in Minnesota. This is the same distributor that handles other independent software vendors like Red Hat and Walnut Creek.

This means your local bookstore should be able to order OpenBSD CD-ROMs directly since most stores have an account with FKA. I'm not sure how they are handling the US export restrictions, but I'm told they are setting up a warehouse in the Netherlands, another country friendly to strong crypto. FKA will not be handling T-shirts or posters -- you can order those from the regular web ordering page . The OpenBSD 2.6 CD-ROM is ISBN 0-9683637-4-1.

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  1. By Morten Liebach () on

    So OpenBSD and RehHat is going to merge...distributor that is (pheeww).

    Well, I just gotta go check with my local bookstore if they can get 2.7 when it comes out :-), 'would be great.


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