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Blowfish posters for sale

Contributed by louis on from the Ramblo-1-ScriptKitty-0 dept.

Louis writes: "Theo just announced to the mailing lists that there are two new posters available. As usual, proceeds from the sales go to support the group. See the OpenBSD orders page .
Just the thing to put above your desk at work... Or frame it and put it in the living room!"

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Out of curiosity, how much does OpenBSD
    actually profit (net profit) from all the articles that are sold?

    After paying USD$30 for my tshirt last year,
    I found out that the project only makes a few bucks profit on them.

    I bought the tshirt thinking that the inflated price was going to be helping the project, but it is not so.

    Aside from the CDROMs sales, what other articles on sale benefit the project (financially) the most?

    Note: I am assuming you sell enough of everything to have some sort of pattern.

  2. By J. "F." K. () on

    I know that most oBSD users are already quite familiar with BSD UNIX, but I'd be much inclined to pay money for a proper manual/user's guide, even if it were little better than Running FreeBSD (here's 200 pages on how to partition and boot the installer, which you've already done, followed by little to no information on selecting packages or proper system configuration.. and here we've printed out 600 pages of man pages that you can already get online.)...

    After all, there's no sense in buying a t-shirt to support a project that I admire but can't use due to lack of available documentation...


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