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Contributed by louis on from the ballot-box-stuffing-and-other-irregularities dept.

Louis writes: "Yup, another attempt at cooking numbers for *BSD.
Please add your count to The *BSD Counter ."

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on


    You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/bsdcount/ on this server.

    Fantastic. It's broken already.

    1. By Niekze () on

      Hey its secure =)

      1. By gk () on

        And cool!

  2. By Kyle Hargraves () on

    Anyone else notice that once Louis fixed the URL that OpenBSD usage jumped _a lot_? It was around 400 (I think) when I submitted my info (`vote' #214), and now it's at 1058. Anyone wanna live up to that enormous count?

    1. By Kyle Hargraves () on

      And its back down to 200 something. Am I going insane?

  3. By Ted Spradley () on

    I just tried to submit my counts, and it wouldn't take it. Said I hadn't completed all the fields.

    I entered my name, over 45, 5 FreeBSD hosts and no others.

    Is this age discrimination, or FreeBSD discrimination? ;-)

    1. By A.C. () on

      Yep, happened to me, too - and without a privacy statement on the page I had no wish to enter an email address or even send the form.

      It's probably mailing-list-usefulness discrimination.

    2. By Kyle Hargraves () on

      Possibly a stupid question, but did you put 0 in all the non-FreeBSD install values? It might not like it if you didn't.

  4. By Marc Espie () on

    If I were paranoid, I'd say the people managing that page got pissed off at the huge proportion of OpenBSD installations showing up.

    They were probably expecting Free or Net to lead up the pack, they might be Net partisans or something...

    ... and so they conveniently experienced `technical difficulties' and reset the counter.

    Well, let's whack it again. Get that counter back up to where it was :)

    [Note: I don't say this is the actual explanation, but it sounds somewhat plausible to me... weirder things happen.]

  5. By Anonymous Coward () on

    The BSD counter page is fixed (it was broken before), and the counters have been reset since (this was a few days ago). So.. those who submitted their counts before might want to try again.


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