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2.7 Beta!

Contributed by Dengue on from the woo-hoo dept.

According to OpenBSD -Current has gone to 2.7 -beta ! Looking at the changelogs, I would have to guess that this will not be an easy upgrade and will require a fresh install as the least painful migration path. There have been a LOT of changes made since 2.6. This is also a good time to re-echo Theo's call for testers of -current .

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your downloads.

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  1. By flavio curti () on

    yeah, like the beta...
    gladly they user ipfilter 3.3.12 now, and not 3.2.10...
    i just wondered if the only way to get the source for -current is cvs?!? or is there a nice tgz tarball i'm overlooking?

  2. By David Terrell () on

    Since there's no RSA libraries in the snapshot, and people have been asking a lot on IRC, you can compile them from source by getting src/lib/libssl from CVS. Use a pserver-capable server, since ssh doesn't work without RSA. Example session:
    % cd /usr
    % cvs -d login
    Password: anoncvs
    % cvs -d get src/lib/libssl
    % cd src/lib/libssl
    % if make; then sudo make install

  3. By David Terrell () on

    these are now on the ftp site, and should be
    available through your normal install.


  4. By azure () on

    Is it just me, or has ipsecadm changed a bit? My old IPSEC config files (scripts to execute my ipsecadm commands) no longer work since I upgraded to 2.7 -beta.


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