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Louis, Slashdot, and Boardwatch

Contributed by Dengue on from the media-covering-the-media-covering-the-media dept.

In the spirit of covering the media covering OpenBSD, and just in case you live under a rock. Slashdot , everyone's favorite OpenSource site, has an article about an article published by Boardwatch interviewing Louis Bertrand .


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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I don't like the way that people say that OpenBSD is not something for the desktop. It's starting to be some kind of "known truth". I know people who run Linux now but don't use any special software that only compiles on Linux, and who also have problems with Linux that they wouldn't have if they had been running for example OpenBSD.

    Somehow they think that BSD is for servers only and running it on the desktop is soooo hard.

    Ports/pkgsrc is in many ways better and easier than the alternatives offered by the different Linux distributions. It's too bad people don't even try this because they think BSD is only for big servers or something.

    I think BSD is easier than Linux. 2 years ago I ran Debian. After that I switched to Free and now I've been running Open for about a year. Of these three I found Open to be the easiest to install and use.

  2. By Fisherman () on

    that Theo gets slammed for 'telling it like it is,' while no one says that Slashdot's message boards paint a bad picture of the Linux camp.


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