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[Shameless Plug] New BSD Search Index

Contributed by Dengue on from the mommy,-I-need-a-wetnap dept.

Well, things just keep moving right along for the BSD community :). click on more to read the pre-launch announcement for Greasy Daemon the newest addition to the growing community of BSD related web sites.

Prelaunch Announcement: Greasy Daemon
In an effort to make finding BSD related information I have created a
search index with HTDig and indexed several BSD related websites.  Each
person that I am mailing now works on one of these sites.  At the moment
the search is performing quite well and I am looking for assistance in
gathering information while I still do most of the work.

I hope to build up several pages categorized on topics of installation,
networking, security, administration, backups, upgrades, etc.  Each of
these pages will give a very brief description of what is available and
then link to any information your site may provide.  My objective is to
act as a conduit to your information.
The reason I created this site is that when I often have to look for
information I have to travel to several different sites and use different
searching tools which work in various ways.  It took hours and sometimes
days to find the information I was looking for.  My contribution to the
BSD community is to build an organized portal to all this information.

Right now the number of sites indexed is at 14 and I would like to keep
that at a low number to encourage contributions to your sites.  I would
rather have a few sites which are regularly updated than many which are
rarely updated.  With this site I hope to encourage submissions of
articles and documentation to your sites.

In the future I may broaden the scope of the site, but for now the scope
must be narrow so that I can manage it on my own.

If you would like to learn more or would like to try out the search
engine, you will find it at...

Brennan Stehling - web developer and sys admin
projects: | |

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