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Hardware Needed for Developers

Contributed by Dengue on from the mister-can-you-spare-a-chipset? dept.

Steve Murphree posted this message to tech@ earlier today looking for a motherboard with an Intel 82443BX chipset for some SCSI device driver development and debugging. Is there anyone out there who can help Steve with this?

From Fri Apr  7 23:00:05 2000
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 00:01:54 -0500
From: Steve Murphree

Subject: Motherboard with Intel 82443BX chipset needed.

There seems to be a problem with the ahc SCSI driver operating correctly with
motherboards that have an Intel 82443BX chipset, 82443LX chipset, and VIA
VT82C598.  I need one of these boards to reproduce the problem.  I have
processors for the 82443BX chipset based boards.  e.g. bare board would suffice
for 82443BX boards.

So if you can possibly donate one of these boards, contact myself or Theo.

Steve Murphree, Jr.

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  1. By m00seT () on

    In several projects this is a recurring problem.
    On the other hand it's difficult for many people to plainly donate hardware (especially for small business owners as myself (who buy their stuff on ebay and the like)).
    How would chances be to make up a kind of virtual pool of hardwareavailability that could be lended (I know this isn't popular - why develop a driver if you haven't the hardware afterwards ...)

    For starters I could see chances to contribute a

    XIRCOM cardbus pcmcia rbem56g-100tx
    SMC EZ CARD PC SMC8022bt/t (the 8020 is already supported)
    (Early +/- 1994)Internal Iomega JAZZ (SCSI) - Under linux I just can't get it to work. Apparently there are some known problems with the early versions of this drive .

    Older hardware I have available (and possibly already supported-haven't tested it)

    3com Etherlink II (ID 6428-01 pm6005) -serial+coax jack
    Suprafax internal (fax)modem (14.4kb) v32bis


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