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FreeBSD and BSDi to merge

Contributed by Dengue on from the didn't-see-that-coming dept.

Noryungi writes "Surprise, surprise! FreeBSD and BSDi are going to merge! BSD/OS and FreeBSD source trees are to merge and all code from BSDi (except those created under NDA) will be available for all people. Can OpenBSD benefit -- probably, if BSD/OS SMP code (one of the around or so I heard) can be merged into the OpenBSD CVS trees. "

This is interesting. Generally I am not in favor of mergers or consolidations, I'd hate to see the current BSD landscape become a single BSD with a corporation controlling it's direction. On the plus side, it looks like they are heading in the right direction: " Once BSDI releases the code to FreeBSD, it will fall under a very liberal license. Basically, if the code is incorporated into an existing open source project, it will fall under the licensing terms of that project. This means that any open source project can incorporate BSDI's code..."

Anyway, daemonnews has the full poop on the merger, so go visit and find out.

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  1. By Noryungi () on

    I know it's lame to comment on your own post, but anyway...

    I have heard (can't remember where) that BSDi kernel is able to restart in SMP with a single command . Could anybody more experienced please confirm/infirm this?

    1. By Josh () on

      I can't find anything about it in the 373 paged installation guide and release notes for the 4.1 release. I wonder how long they'll support previous releases and how my license keys will be treated in the future.

    2. By josh () on

      I know it's lame to comment on your own post, but anyway... There is a program /usr/bin/cpu that can be run from a single processor to determine if a CPU is capable of multiprocessor operation. There is also some smp config stuff you might have to do in /etc/mp.config


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