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Ethernet bridge changes

Contributed by Dengue on from the Ethernet-bridge-changes dept.

Jason Wright writes "The Ethernet bridge code has gone through a large rework internally since 2.6 was released. This has led to much better reliability on RISC machines, more filtering capabilities (like the ability to block non-IP traffic and filter based on Ethernet MAC address), and greatly improved performance through clever optimization. All of the changes described are available in -current source code. A big thanks goes to Erik Fichtner for helping to test the last round of these changes. "

Jason goes on to say:

"As far as performance goes, I've removed several buffer copies, which means:

  • I consume less memory buffers
  • I operate on local variable copies of just the header information.
I also removed a copy that happened for each IP packet to be filtered and added a few optimizations for reusing a buffer instead of making a copy.

For security, we've added the ability to explicitly block all non-IP traffic going from one side of the bridge to another. We've also added the ability to filter based on source and destination ethernet mac address on a per interface basis."

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Very cool! I will have to upgrade my tree, I have
    been using it since 2.5 and been pretty happy.



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