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  Re: Beta Update - Request for (more) Testing (mod -1/1)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Wed Aug 9 06:20:31 2017 (GMT)
  > There's not much visual separation between articles on the front page, which makes it a little hard to see where one article summary finishes and the next begins, especially when the summary includes a section with grey background or an <hr>.
> I miss the voting options a bit, they weren't perfect but did give a way to show agreement without making a mostly-useless post. I see why you might want to get rid of downvoting, changing it to only allow +1 or removing your earlier +1 might do the trick.
> Is the comment editor doing anything odd? Mobile Firefox has hanged 3 times while I've been editing this and it's normally rock-solid. (Related to this: it would be nice if the "need more privileges" page allowed you to login and continue with your action :)

Not allowing anonymous comments would have gotten rid of this thread so everyone can agree with the change, so just ignore everything here.
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