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  Re: Beta Update - Request for (more) Testing (mod 0/0)
by rueda (rueda) on Wed Aug 09 00:47:18 2017 (GMT)
  • The "need more privileges" was supposed to have a login link. All the bits were there, they just weren't hooked up quite correctly. That's now fixed (although there's no automatic continuing with the action). Thanks for spotting the bug.
  • The comment editor shouldn't be doing anything odd. Can you indicate exactly how to reproduce the problem, or try in a different browser and check the HTML involved?
  • Some sort of voting isn't entirely ruled out for a future comeback, but is of low priority (compared with things like moving away from last-century crypto!). The legacy system was abused and flawed - for example, it allowed one vote per username or IP address; I've only got a /56, so I think you could beat me ;-)
  • HTML/CSS remain very much a WIP
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