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  DEFCON PDF (mod 8/8)
by Chas ( on Fri Aug 4 16:24:15 2017 (GMT)
  What can be done to make OpenBSD even better? The lines below are from the conclusions page of the presentation.

-Bugs are stll easy to find in [*BSD] kernels. Even OpenBSD.

-Varying level of quality depending on age and who wrote it

--Most consistent quality was observed with OpenBSD

The maintainers of various BSDs should talk more among each other

--Several bugs in one were fixed in the other

--OpenBSD expired proc pointer in midiioctl() fixed in NetBSD

--NetBSD signedness bug in ac97_query_devinfo() fixed in OpenBSD
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      Re: DEFCON PDF (-6/6) by Anonymous Coward on Mon Aug 7 16:50:49 2017 (GMT)

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