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  Re: Request for testing: (mod 2/2)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Wed Jul 5 18:20:20 2017 (GMT)
  I don't think the title placement really works for the articles. It's a bit weird that the "OpenBSD Journal" title from the front page disappears and is replaced with the article title. It took me a very long time to find the article title. I would expect the title to be right above the article. Moving the title down to the article would also make more room for the search box, right now it's almost invisible.

Everything is a little too close together, adding a little more white space around things would really help the look.

The article text perhaps should be so close to the edge of the browser window, give it a few percent margin on each side.

The grey bar over and under the Home, Archives, About, Login and Create Account navigation isn't needed. The navigation it self could go higher up on the page, but that's personal preference.

This is for the "desktop" version", I haven't looked on mobile, nor do I particularly care how it looks there.
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