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  Re: Request for testing: (mod 3/5)
by ux designer ( ( on Wed Jul 5 09:02:35 2017 (GMT)

I can see you focused mainly on improvements of the code, but please, involve some UX designer to create a nice front-end. The new UI is no different than the old UI. And remember that UX is not UI

I DO realize that the content of the articles and the code of the website have bigger priority than appearance, but it's no longer 1997, and very often we use 27-inch screens, and reading such website on a modern equipment is not very convenient - for example the lines of text are too long, typography could be better etc.

Good design can still be simple, minimalistic, convenient and elegant - all at the same time.

And... this is my first comment, and I've been reading you guys for a very long time, when "undeadly" was "deadly" - I love this community, I never complained about anything, but since now you're creating an opportunity to test the new website and express opinion, I'd like to throw in few words from myself on UX perspective.

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