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  Re: Request for testing: (mod 4/4)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Wed Jul 5 00:42:54 2017 (GMT)
  Well, I'm with @lkppo , I'm not good with coding, but I could help with aesthetics, if needed.

Assuming that your goal is to get a pretty looking website, here's some points:
1. The readability of the website is bad.
1.1. Lines should be between 60-80 CPL.
1.2. The font should be geometric sans-serif (I'd suggest Proxima Nova or something similar).
1.3. The size should be at least 16px.
1.4. The spacing between lines should be 1.4.
1.5. Background should probably not be #FFFFFF. There's some studies from W3C showing that people read better on websites with less contrast. Suggestion: bg #EEEEEE and fg #333333

2. There's no color palette. If you establish colors you can keep the visual homogeneous. I'd suggest: Primary #FFC153 , Secondary #2c3e50

3. The icons are bad. I could work on this, if needed. Most of the people today are use SVG icons, for responsiveness on mobile and big screens. If you don't want to use SVG because of compatibility issues, try to optimize the PNG icons with pngquant and ECT, to load faster.

4. Simplify the information as much as possible. I have my critics about this point, but, for accessibility, it's a good move to simplify the content using some things like Readability Formulas em these tips:
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