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  Re: Request for testing: (mod 2/2)
by rjc (rjc) on Tue Jul 4 18:52:51 2017 (GMT)
  > As stated in the article (-:

It's not working as described :^P, at least not for me :^)

> Those with CSS expertise are invited to help improve the appearance on small-screen devices.

My CSS "expertise" ended around 15 years ago (before modern "smart" devices) so I won't be much help here I'm afraid :^(

> Commenting is available only to logged-in users.
> Logon should be working. It certainly is for some of us!

Let me elaborate - after clicking on "Login", I'm being presented with "Username" and "Password" from and after entering my details, it "seems" to be working, i.e. it certainly produces an error when I enter details which are deliberately incorrect. However:

- I still see the "Login" link.
- "Logout" or "Preferences" links, like on the "old" (regular) site, are nowhere to be found.
- I don't see any way to post a comment.

> Search is now fixed. (It was just a copy-and-paste error in an HTML template.) Thanks for the report!

Well, it may "work" but doesn't produce any results ;^)

Thanks for breathing life back into it :^)
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