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  Re: Errata and (First) Binary Patches Announced (mod -1/3)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Thu May 18 01:45:21 2017 (GMT)
  > > The issue still exists for me. The patch files have both bsd and I'm not sure what's supposed to mv / /bsd on MP machines.
> You aren't expected to install the syspatch files manually. The install_kernel() function in /usr/sbin/syspatch does that.

Yeah, I was just using syspatch. It was user error. One machine would install the SP kernel even after reverting all the patches and reapplying. My other MP machines would syspatch with the MP kernel just fine. It turns out that on the first machine, I had built and installed the stable MP kernel by mistake before syspatching so I had it in my head that it was an MP machine. It isn't. syspatch just uses `sysctl -n hw.ncpufound` to determine whether to install SP or MP, not which kernel was installed before patching which seems reasonable.
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