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  Re: New mandoc -mdoc -T markdown converter (mod 2/108)
by Ed Ahlsen-Girard (girard) on Tue Mar 7 00:05:57 2017 (GMT)
  > > While reading all markdown caveats, it made me think to txt2tags [1], more powerful than markdown by its syntax and not html-only. > > > > [1] : > > Thanks for sharing this; I've been fighting with markdown, multimarkdown and such in the past. While I liked textile best it still wasn't a perfect solution for me. Txt2tags somehow eluded me so far but I'll give it a try - until we can all adopt the new shiny IngoML! (Never say die! ;)) Plain Old Documentation from perl (aka pod) was adequate to write Programming Perl (aka the Camel Book) with, but it was very light on illustrations.
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