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  Re: New mandoc -mdoc -T markdown converter (mod -5/113)
by Ingo Schwarze (schwarze) on Sun Mar 5 14:24:10 2017 (GMT)
  > when can we expect

Don't you know that question is illegal in OpenBSD land?
Stuff is ready when it is ready.
No cheap talk. No roadmap committees. Shut up and hack.

> ingoml for writing documentation when mdoc(7) doesn't suit?

No plans. I don't see any need for that.
For *documentation*, it is an asset, not a limitation, to conform to mdoc(7) conventions.
It provides a good structure and helps users because they are already familiar with the style.

If you write documentation and mdoc(7) seems like a poor fit, you are doing something wrong.

That said, for non-documentation typesetting, mdoc(7) cannot become the right tool, or it would lose its strength for documenation. But i'm not planning to write another typesetting language. That is not an area where there is need for something new. Two very good typesetting languages already exist: (La)TeX and roff. Besides, i lack the knowledge about typesetting required to do even better. Typesetting is a craft and an art.
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