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  Re: New mandoc -mdoc -T markdown converter (mod 13/111)
by Ingo Schwarze (schwarze) on Sun Mar 5 02:26:53 2017 (GMT)
  > Is mdoc/mandoc suitable for this use case?

No, it is absolutely inappropriate. You cannot use mdoc(7) for that at all. It does not support any kind of images or captions, it does not support RTL scripts at all, it does not support chapters at all, it does not support footnotes at all, and it is not very well-suited to documents containing more than trivial amounts of non-latin scripts.

The mandoc(1) program is highly specialized for handling computer software documentation, with a strong bias towards English text.

> Finding a format other than HTML

HTML is an extremely poor choice for typesetting a book. Don't do that, ever. It will look very ugly and unprofessional no matter how careful you do it, and maintaining it will be a nightmare.

I'm fairly sure that what you want can be done both with LaTeX and with groff - except that i don't know how good RTL support is. If you would force me to provide a definite recommendation on the spot, i would probably recommend LaTeX over groff, for two reasons: It is more actively maintained, so the risk of having issues with RTL is probably lower. But i don't know for sure. And configuring fonts in groff is probably more finicky than in LaTeX - and you will have to manually configure fonts for several languages. With groff, not even a cyrillic font is installed by default, even though that is much more widely used than Ethiopian.

But take that with a grain of salt. I'm a physicist and i have done some typesetting of mathematical formula and scientific diagrams. I have never done typesetting for linguistics, and i may miss important aspects needed in your field. You should definitely go and get advice from a professional researcher in linguistics.
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