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Kristaps Dzonsons on pledge(2)
Contributed by rueda on Sat Nov 26 03:28:17 2016 (GMT)
from the the joy of pledge(2) dept.

Kristaps Dzonsons, of mandoc and acme-client (and more) fame, has written a detailed article entitled "why pledge(2) …or, how I learned to love web application sandboxing".

The tl;dr section starts:

For practical web applications, pledge(2) presents the best compromise of development simplicity and security coverage. This alone gives BCHS applications even more of a boost beyond the many other advantages of programming on OpenBSD.

The article discusses the advantages of pledge(2) over other sandboxing systems.


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  Re: Kristaps Dzonsons on pledge(2) (mod 2/112)
by bmarshall ( on Sun Nov 27 16:35:21 2016 (GMT)
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  Re: Kristaps Dzonsons on pledge(2) (mod -3/79)
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