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g2k16 Hackathon Report: Martin Pieuchot on USB stack and routing progress, more

Contributed by pitrh on from the fuzzing my clobberage dept.

The g2k16 hackathon reports keep coming, and we love it! In this fresh report, Martin Pieuchot writes,

Since some years now, I cannot attend a hackathon without having to deal with a USB problem. It's generally a bug that one of the hackers in the room can expose with his hardware. But in Cambridge it was different!
krw@ brought with him a couple of USB emulators/fuzzers so I started the hackathon by waiting, for the USB stack to panic. Even if fuzzing the stack is fun, because you start liking panics, that's something I can do alone & anywhere, so I moved on.

After fixing a couple of bugs related to the routing table, I spent a lot of time discussing with claudio@ what should be the next step in this area. We discussed many times during the week about caching route entries, interaction with userland, SMP issues, memory consumption....

At this point I should realize that the good old hackathon saying "one discussion bring you to another" describes perfectly my week. I started discussing the routing table, again mostly for SMP purposes with bluhm@.

Then I jumped to input/touchpad issues with bru@, matthieu@ and jcs@.

In between I discussed CTF, Compact ANSI-C Type Format, integration in ddb(4) with jasper@. This even resulted in a couple of bug fixes in my ctfdump(1) implementation.

On the next day I had a discussion about DHCP and RTSOL, some crazy stuff is being prepared!

Then I managed to rewrite my Dynamic Profiling diff and to get it in with the help of guenther@. This should allow us to get the ddb(4) subsystem safe to be used as foundation for a tracing tool. Yes, this is related to jasper@'s work on CTF which is the format used by DTrace.

Finally I had nice talks with awolk@ who found some nice races in the hotplug logic of the Network Stack.

I'm certainly missing a lot of stuff, it was a really nice and busy hackathon for me. Thanks a lot to Gemma, Anil, the OpenBSD foundation and everybody else who helped organizing it!

Thanks for the report, Martin!

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