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g2k16 Hackathon Report: Martin Natano on fuse, NTFS and more
Contributed by rueda on Tue Sep 6 00:27:01 2016 (GMT)
from the fuse the mount dept.

Next up in our series of g2k16 hackathon reports is this one from Martin Natano:

I arrived at the g2k16 hackathon with the expectation of working on fusefs and indeed on the first day I've committed a diff to clean up the attribute handling in the kernel and libfuse. Next on my list was a bug that manifested itself by fuse mount points becoming unusable after heavy usage of another mount point. Doh! I came up with a diff to fix it. (Reviews welcome!) That fixed, I joined a group of hackers for beer and proper burgers.

Back in the hackroom the next day I started ripping out write support from our NTFS implementation. It has been previously disabled due to issues, so there was no way to actually use it. Some space had to be garbage collected for clang. :)

The remaining time of the hackathon I was busy with something I didn't plan for. It wasn't even on my todo list. Theo approached me with the idea of implementing a new mount flag in order to reduce the requirement of superuser privileges during the release process. We discussed some details, then I fired up my editor and started hacking. Enthusiasm has emerged! I managed to pack my work into a diff for internal circulation; watch out for changes in sys_mount() and the build infrastructure.

It was an interesting experience to finally meet all the people I've collaborated with already. Thanks to the organizers and to everyone who found the patience to answer my questions.

Thanks for the report and work, Martin!


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  Re: g2k16 Hackathon Report: Martin Natano on fuse, NTFS and more (mod 0/122)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Tue Sep 6 09:17:24 2016 (GMT)
  Cool, but instead of keeping in base read-only NTFS driver it would be more useful to have robust SMB R/W driver.
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  Re: g2k16 Hackathon Report: Martin Natano on fuse, NTFS and more (mod 1/39)
by mxffiles ( on Tue Feb 7 08:31:29 2017 (GMT)
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