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LLVM/Clang imported into -current
Contributed by rueda on Sun Sep 4 23:20:04 2016 (GMT)
from the Q: What's that clanging? A: The future. dept.

LLVM Core and Clang (C/C++/Objective-C compiler) of the LLVM Project have been imported into -current.

Pascal Stumpf (pascal@) committed the addition:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2016/09/03 16:47:02

Log message:
    Use the space freed up by sparc and zaurus to import LLVM.
    ok hackroom@
    Vendor Tag:	LLVM
    Release Tags:	LLVM_3_8_1
    N src/gnu/llvm/Makefile.common
    N src/gnu/llvm/
    N src/gnu/llvm/configure
    N src/gnu/llvm/LICENSE.TXT
    N src/gnu/llvm/README.txt
    [around 12500 lines elided]

(This follows a clarification of the description of the src/gnu/ directory.)


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  Re: LLVM/Clang imported into -current (mod 2/130)
by Ilyas Bakirov ( on Mon Sep 5 07:38:35 2016 (GMT)
  Good work, 1+
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  Re: LLVM/Clang imported into -current (mod 7/137)
by kraileth ( ( on Mon Sep 5 07:54:07 2016 (GMT)
  That's totally awesome! Modernizing the compiler was something that I hoped for quite a while. Newer C/C++ standards usable with a compiler in the base system is great. And this will surely also benefit the work on the ARM architecture. Let's see when the old GCC can be retired at least for the more common architectures. Less GNU in BSD is always a good thing - whatever directory the source lives in! ;)
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  Re: LLVM/Clang imported into -current (mod 3/125)
by J ( on Mon Sep 5 19:44:00 2016 (GMT)
  Is the migration to Clang prompting the removal of "obsolete" platforms?
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