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OpenBSD 6.0 released
Contributed by tj on Thu Sep 1 09:04:12 2016 (GMT)
from the puff-floyd dept.

September 1st, 2016: The OpenBSD team announces the availability of 6.0!

We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 6.0.
This is our 40th release on CD-ROM (and 41st via FTP/HTTP).  We remain
proud of OpenBSD's record of more than twenty years with only two remote
holes in the default install.

As in our previous releases, 6.0 provides significant improvements,
including new features, in nearly all areas of the system:

Some of the notable changes include:

W^X enforcement. In their latest attempt to push better security practices to the software ecosystem, OpenBSD has turned W^X on by default for the base system. Binaries can only violate W^X if they're marked with PT_OPENBSD_WXNEEDED and their filesystem is mounted with the new wxallowed option. The installer will set this flag on the /usr/local partition (where third party packages go) by default now, but users may need to manually add it if you're upgrading. More details can be found in this email. If you don't use any W^X-violating applications, you don't need the flag at all.

ARMv7 improvements. Much work has been going into the ARM area since 5.9 came out, and those changes are finally trickling down to the -release branch. All newer arm platforms have been switched to an EFI + bootloader mechanism that works just like amd64. A Flattened Device Tree (FDT) is now used for device discovery, resulting in many arm boards being supported rapidly. Development of this platform is ongoing even now, so if you're an ARM fan, be sure to watch this space closely.

Continuing SMP work. The network stack has undergone more renovation, and the most important parts are that much closer to being unlocked. For desktop users, web browser responsiveness should also be better, thanks to some fixes in the scheduler.

OpenSSH, OpenSMTPD, OpenNTPD, OpenBGPD, LibreSSL updates. Each sub-project has a long list of improvements of their own, so check the release page for all the bugfixes and new features. A few specific additions of interest are IETF ChaCha20-Poly1305 in LibreSSL, the new ProxyJump feature in OpenSSH, fork+exec patterns in OpenSMTPD, and hardened TLS constraints in OpenNTPD.

VAX support, Linux emulation, kern.usermount removed. As with every OpenBSD release, some of the older and unmaintained bits get removed. Support for VAX hardware is no more. Support for running Linux-only binaries was also removed, having been unmaintained and likely used by hardly anyone. Finally, the kern.usermount sysctl is also no more. Administrators who want to let users mount devices will need to configure doas(1) for that task.

A much more detailed list of changes between 5.9 and 6.0 can be found here.

This release also includes six original songs, one being sung by project leader Theo de Raadt himself! If you haven't kept up to date with OpenBSD songs lately, there's a new CD containing all the 5.2 - 6.0 tracks.

Speaking of CDs, you can also get the 6.0 CD set at the usual place. One thing to note: this will be the last version of OpenBSD to be pressed on CD. The project will now focus on internet-only distribution, giving much more flexibility in the release schedule. If you've been collecting the sets over the years, this is definitely one you'll want to have on your shelf.

Be sure to check out the upgrade guide for instructions on how to bring your 5.9 boxes up to date, as well as the errata page for any last-minute fixes to apply. Happy upgrades!


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  Re: OpenBSD 6.0 released (mod 11/165)
by Ove_ ( on Thu Sep 1 11:17:32 2016 (GMT)
  Not having done upgrades before but rather resorted to re-installing cleanly I have to say that hands down this was the smoothest upgrade procedure I have ever done. Great work and congratulations on 6.0.
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  Re: OpenBSD 6.0 released (mod -14/176)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Thu Sep 1 11:17:52 2016 (GMT)
  A month old errata requires recompling and installing a new kernel.
Had only the downloadable ISO included these erratas.

If the OpenBSD project wants my donations they have to come up with something better than PayPal. And no, I'm not doing bank transfers.
My credit cards rarely gets accepted by PayPal. Also all the personal info PayPal requires is just beyond what I'm willing to give up.
Recently I payed for something using BrainTree (owned by PayPal) that only required credit card number and an expiration date.
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  Re: OpenBSD 6.0 released (mod 14/160)
by brynet (Brynet) on Thu Sep 1 15:48:23 2016 (GMT)
  Lots of exciting stuff went into 6.0, nice work everyone! :-)
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  Re: OpenBSD 6.0 released (mod 6/154)
by Tom VL ( on Thu Sep 1 16:52:38 2016 (GMT)
  So no more CD's. Will we be able to buy something every release? For example, I love the stickers.
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  songs (Re: OpenBSD 6.0 released) (mod -5/169)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Thu Sep 1 17:24:14 2016 (GMT)
  Six _original_ songs? Is it a joke? Unfortunately, the original artist isn't mentioned on lyrics page either. Trust me, not everyone has grown on classic rock, as you might think.
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  Re: OpenBSD 6.0 released (mod 4/158)
by Billy Larlad ( ( on Thu Sep 1 19:24:10 2016 (GMT)
  It'll be interesting to see if the release schedule changes going forward. The very regular twice-yearly releases seem to have served the project well, what with providing predictable periods to add new features, then to polish everything before a release.

Looking forward to 6.1!
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  Re: OpenBSD 6.0 released - insecure by default no bin upates (mod -24/188)
by tsarkon (tsarkon) ( on Fri Sep 2 14:04:57 2016 (GMT)
  No, by far the best feature is that there is NO way to patch the system unless you build and distribute those patches yourself.

What a great, great fucking way to keep an OS secure. Dont have an inbox way of updating the fucking thing when there is errata.

AND BOY, there is errata. Every fucking release has mountains of errors flaws holes and bugs.

All of this shit is fixed with source patches. Imagine this, Theo de Fucking Ass Rat, if your compiler has a bug and there is no way to get a patched compiler you have to go through an entire compiler bootstrap to be sure the patch for the compiler works.

Fuck you Theo The Rat. Secure by default? My ass! You had two remote holes so far. Good job. If your software was in control of nuclear missles you would have killed everyone twice.

Yes, shitstemD is a fucking stain. Yes Lennart Poettering is a god damned faggot father fucking piece of low life scum dog shit puke. Anyone who thinks ShitStemD isnt shit is a fucking asshole.

But OpenBSD, fuck you for no binary patches, fuck you, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR. You fucking dicklicking puke fucks should have offered a for-pay service to get binary patches but instead you just offer to give your users a prostate milking by putting your spiky puffer fish in our assholes and smashing it around.
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  Re: OpenBSD 6.0 released (mod 7/153)
by rehcla ( on Sat Sep 3 20:02:19 2016 (GMT)
  Thank you for your great work
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  Re: OpenBSD 6.0 released (mod 2/84)
by mxffiles ( on Tue Feb 7 07:07:10 2017 (GMT)
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