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OpenBSD 6.0 pre-orders up
Contributed by tj on Wed Jul 27 13:42:55 2016 (GMT)
from the full-bookshelf dept.

Pre-orders for the 6.0 CD sets have just been activated.

In addition, one of the six release songs has been released early.
There will be another compilation CD titled "The songs 5.2 - 6.0" alongside the release.

Head on over to the OpenBSD Store to pick up your CD set, poster, or both!

This release has some of the coolest artwork yet.


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  Another compilation CD (mod 6/150)
by Jorden Verwer ( on Wed Jul 27 16:41:05 2016 (GMT)
  At first I was a bit surprised to hear that another compilation CD is coming up already, given that based on the established pattern (okay, N = 2) the range 5.2 - 6.2 would have been expected. Then I realized that there have been so many releases with multiple songs recently (this one even has six!) that this is probably as much as can fit in 80 minutes...

Anyway, great job, guys! I'll definitely buy the new compilation CD, probably also the 6.0 release and possibly one older release that I missed earlier (so I can benefit from the 15% discount).
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