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The p2k16 hackathon has begun

Contributed by tj on from the my-body-is-a-giant-canvas dept.

OpenBSD developers from around the world have just gathered in Nantes, France for the p2k16 hackathon. This event is technically a ports hackathon, but many non-porters have showed up too, which means you can expect a variety of different improvements.

As an early example, ajacoutot@ has just set sysmerge to run automatically during the upgrade process.

Head over to the hackathons page to see the artwork, and stay tuned to Undeadly for some post-hackathon reports.

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  1. By foo ( on

    I found the following statement in a presentation about Return Address Protection:


    Observation: everyone gets function pointer casts wrong :)
    - gcc(!), glibc, linux, chromium, etc

    - Basic rule: function type must match function pointer type
    used in the indirect call

    - In-between casts to other function pointer types are allowed
    - But almost everyone fails to convert back for the actual
    indirect call

    - Fixing these problems can uncover real bugs

    Compatibility examples

    int (*fptr)(void *, int);
    int func1(void *p, int i);
    int func2(void *p);
    char func3(void *p, int i);
    int func4(struct1 *p, int i);
    fptr = &func1; //correct
    fptr = &func2; //wrong
    fptr = &func3; //wrong
    fptr = &func4; //wrong


    Maybe this is something to investigate by the ports team ?

  2. By foo ( on

    time to fix the OpenSSL port 8)

    The OpenSSL project team would like to announce the forthcoming release of OpenSSL versions 1.0.2h, 1.0.1t.

    These releases will be made available on 3rd May 2016 between approximately 1200-1500 UTC. They will fix several security defects with maximum severity "high". <---------------------


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