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l2k15 Hackathon Report: krw@ on GPT

Contributed by tbert on from the disk-sector-7g dept.

With the l2k15 hackathon having just wrapped up, Ken Westerback (krw@) writes in to tell us how it went.
l2k15 took place in the picturesque town of Varazdin, Croatia. I
arrived from Munich with bluhm@ and pascal@ after my first trip
on a German autobahn with a German driver in a high end German car.
Whoosh!  Inspired by this velocity I dug into a pile of GPT related
diffs and got all of them fixed up and committed over the course
of the hackathon, culminating with the removal of #ifdef GPT from
the tree.

This restored and in many cases improved the GPT changes that were
backed out at c2k15 due to various breakages discovered the last
time GPT was enabled. Two bits of new breakage were quickly dealt
with thanks to deraadt@ and yasuoka@. We hope that GPT stays enabled
this time so we can move on to better install/booting support and
UEFI. I tried to contribute by attempting to use UEFI to boot my
laptop off a 4096-byte sector USB disk. Alas, my X230 refused to
consider such a device as bootable so I could not test UEFI on a
non-512-byte device. Yet!

I also worked a lot on uncommited changes to fdisk(8) to support
better GPT initialization and GPT editing. Now that the kernel GPT
appears stable this is something that will get much more attention.

The LibreSSL and network hacking was very exciting to watch. And
what I could follow of the lunch/dinner/beer discussions bodes
well for exciting developments in the future.

Thanks go to our host Tonimir, his friend Igor and his other friend
Igor! An excellent venue and organization all round.

Thanks for the report, Ken.

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  1. By Stefan Sperling (stsp) on

    Don't drink and drive, especially when driving with bluhm!


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