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OpenBSD 5.8, Another Song

Contributed by pitrh on from the electric-puffyloo dept.

The second of an anticipated four songs for the OpenBSD 5.8 release has ben published, this one written and performed by Alexandre Ratchov (ratchov@). In the announcement he says:
For the 20th anniversary release of OpenBSD, I have contributed this
short sound track:
It's entirely made on OpenBSD, with an acoustic sanza and a real-time
software synthesizer running on OpenBSD. My setup is very simple: a
microphone and a sound card to record the sanza, and a MIDI keyboard
to control the synth. I used aucat(1) to record/mix audio tracks and
the audio/midish port for the MIDI sequencing and to control aucat.
The sound is produced by an experimental (not released yet) synth I'm
working on these days.

Above software is developed on OpenBSD, which is the key point of what
makes OpenBSD attractive for audio & music experimentation: after 20
years of development it has become a high quality developer-friendly
operating system.

Until the next song is released, you could visit:


-- Alexandre

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