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EuroBSDCon 2015 Preliminary Program Published
Contributed by pitrh on Tue Jul 7 18:05:07 2015 (GMT)
from the Puffy basking in the Baltic dept.

The EuroBSDCon 2015 organizers have published the initial list of accepted talks and tutorials, with a useful portion of OpenBSD stuff in all tracks.

It is worth noting that this is a preliminary version (the schedule is not yet finalized), but barring the usual human and practical factors, this is likely close to the conference's final program.


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  Re: EuroBSDCon 2015 Preliminary Program Published (mod 0/80)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Mon Jul 13 12:04:17 2015 (GMT)
  > "this is likely close to the conference's final program."

It took me a while of thinking to figure out that "program" referred to "schedule", which is a usage of the word "program" that I've encountered only very rarely. (Originally I thought the sentence was saying "this is one of the final times that this conference/program will occur", which seemed like a slightly odd thing to say without additional information about why the program won't continue on.)
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