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  Re: Microsoft Now OpenBSD Foundation Gold Contributor (mod 9/79)
by Noryungi (noryungi) on Fri Jul 10 21:36:08 2015 (GMT)
  > So, let's take this for what it is, a donation to OpenSSH to help
> further it (generally) and more specifically its functionality on
> Windows Server. OK. But let's not make the mistake of believing
> that Microsoft is all of a sudden "friendly to F/OSS".

OK, you are just trolling, but I'll bite:

Nobody is saying that Microsoft is now a friend of Open Source.

BUT: the fact is, they are the very first ''Gold'' sponsor of the OpenBSD Foundation.

What about all those other oh-so-saintly open source companies that use, and have been using since day one, OpenSSH, but have never contributed *anything*?

Yes, I am talking about Red Hat, the 900 pound gorilla of ''Open Source'', who has been using OpenSSH for years and years now.

But also SuSE and a dozen others, open-source or not, using OpenSSH for everything.

Where is the money from these companies? Hmmmm? Oh, wait, there isn't ANY. Nothing. Nada.

At least, Microsoft understands that it is in its interest to finance at least some of the activities of OpenBSD. And it followed on that understanding with some cold hard cash, unlike a lot of freeloaders out there. Yes, I am looking at you Apple and Sun.

Friendly? Maybe not, but at least, they are realistic about it: 50 grands get them a lot of good will, and some clean code and excellent software. There are a lot of worse investments out there.

As for me, Microsoft money or not, I'll continue donating (a lot less money than them) and buying CDs as they come out. Not because I am filthy rich (I am not) but because I like OpenBSD, and I rely on it for a lot of projects.

Have *you* donated to OpenBSD recently?

(On second thought, don't bother answering that last question - I think we all know the answer)
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