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  Re: Microsoft Now OpenBSD Foundation Gold Contributor (mod -4/86)
by Sum Yung Gai ( on Fri Jul 10 18:37:17 2015 (GMT)
  > > My skepticism will end when (when even one of these is true):
> Your paranoid rants do not make sense.
> The donation was made with no strings. A gift, if that is easier to understand. Microsoft is not allowed to make any demands.
> (please, do not respond with more rants. they are completely off topic.)

Dismissing legitimate concerns about a company with an anti-Free Software history is not "paranoid rants"; rather, it's calling a spade a spade. Microsoft's donation here helps the OpenSSH Project, yes. For this, I am grateful, but they're doing this first and foremost to help sell Windows Server. Never forget that.

So, let's take this for what it is, a donation to OpenSSH to help further it (generally) and more specifically its functionality on Windows Server. OK. But let's not make the mistake of believing that Microsoft is all of a sudden "friendly to F/OSS".

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