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  Re: Microsoft Now OpenBSD Foundation Gold Contributor (mod -12/94)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Thu Jul 9 02:59:03 2015 (GMT)
  > > > I just hope it's not another Microsoft "Embrace, Extend and Crush" move.
> >
> > I understand the skepticism :) but this is a new Microsoft, and we're very excited that Microsoft engineers are involved more than ever before in Open Source projects.
> >
> > I can safely also say that our intentions are to be part of this great community, embrace it, extend it, contribute and build a solution that our customers will benefit from using everyday..
> >
> > Finally, I like to thank the OpenBSD directors and Kenneth Westerback in particular for their help in making today's announcement a reality - Nowadays, it takes tons of paperwork and logistics to make a corporate donation happens.
> >
> > Cheers!
> >
> > -Angel
> >
> Hi Angel. Forget the loser haters. You are more than welcome here. Thank you so much for the generous donation. And as we all know, it's not like the project would be swayed in any way by your donation. See DARPA...:-)
> Thanks again!

P.S. Fuck Steve Balmer.
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