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p2k15 Hackathon Report: krw@ on GPT support

Contributed by tj on from the coding-on-fire dept.

Ken Westerback (krw@) writes in with our second report from the p2k15 ports hackathon:

Never has a hackathon accomplished so much in the presence of so many fire doors. It appears that the University of Exeter is fire door mad, with every door labelled a fire door that must always be closed or locked.

Despite the natural anxiety induced in those of use to whom 'fire door' means a serious chance of fire, the p2k15 hackathon started on schedule with hackers arriving by air, train and bus. Once the radio door key was in place (reciting a memorized ssl certificate to get someboy to come down is time consuming but very secure!) things proceeded smoothly if with much heavy breathing due to the hilly nature of the University of Exeter campus.

I worked almost exclusively on GPT aspects of fdisk(8). I learned much about GPT, massaged much GSOC code and got several versions ranging from a simple initializer to a full-fledged GPT editor built into fdisk. Controversy continues to rage over what fdisk(8) needs to do, how seemless/intelligent fdisk gpt support should be, etc. Thus not much was committed during p2k15.

I also worked on some issues reported with dhclient, and cheered on much install script cleanup and some fixes rpe@ came up with. Reviewing diffs from jsing@ on softraid RAID5 support rounded out my time.

Thanks to three (!) generations of Hendersons for setting up and supporting the hackathon. I personally can confirm that Exeter is a 'nice area'!

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  1. By sthen (2001:4b10:1002:cc05:9ccf:ce20:c4b6:237c) on

    I'm glad you enjoyed your extended stay! it probably won't surprise you to learn that most doors in my home are fire doors too ;-) (at least at since converting the attic). Fire safety features heavily in buildings (and electrical) regulations, especially in public areas. Defence in depth!


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