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Heads Up: Snapshot Upgrades for Static PIE

Contributed by tbert on from the still-not-better-than-eel-pie dept.

After much work by Pascal Stumpf (pascal@) and Mark Kettenis (kettenis@), Kurt Miller (kurt@), and no doubt others whose contributions were both significant and appreciated, static binaries can now be compiled as position-independent executables:

New snapshots for a few architectures use static PIE binaries
in /bin, /sbin (and a handful in /usr/bin and /usr/sbin as well).

(amd64 and sparc64 leading the way, the rest will follow)

This is yet another non-trivial conversion.  Surely some will try to
use the instructions in current.html to build through this hump
manually.  And surely some will fail, since it is a bit tricky.
Please don't bother the lists in that case.

If in doubt -- upgrade using a snapshot.  Thanks.

As Theo says, snapshot upgrades to get over the hurdle; it would behoove us to do some testing to ensure no bugs were introduced.

As always, a great deal of thanks goes to those who work to improve OpenBSD!

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  1. By Sebastian Rother ( on

    That is realy impressiv.
    Thanks to anybody who made it possible!


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