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  Re: GSoC 2014: Systemd replacement utilities (systembsd) (mod 5/9)
by ian ( ( on Mon Sep 15 17:10:27 2014 (GMT)
  > First of all, many many thanks for your work and for this short introduction!
> One obvious question, but which is very important for me, is to know whether or not a portable version of these utilities is planned?

yes, the original outline for the project included a bit about OS-agnosticism. my approach to this was to use GLib overall, so porting it will not be an enormous headache. there are some more fundamental differences (such as how hostnames are handled) that will require a bit more proactive porting effort, however.

i've recently been talking to someone who is interested in working with me + my code to port it to a minimal, busybox-like system which would require stripping out GLib, so that is just another thing on the horizon

> There are still some (sane) Linux distributions that do not plan on shipping with systemd -- porting systembsd under these distros would be a great way to maintain their independence.
> How BSD-specific are these utilities? Do you think porting them to Linux would mean significant rewrites?

hostnamed is probably the most bsd-specific right now, localed much less so and timedated even less. logind will probably be more bsd-specific due to the sheer complexity and responsibilities it covers.

> Second question: apart from logind, how would you rate the difficulty of writing these utilities?

i would say about 70% of this project was dealing with all the framework and scaffolding that is D-Bus + friends, which was particularly excruciating at first. even using GDBus (wrapper lib for D-Bus whose first page of documentation has "If you use this low-level API directly, you're signing up for some pain." in bold letters) it was quite a pain to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it is somewhat less of a nightmare.

the other 30% was the actual implementation of the methods on openbsd, which was much less complicated and straightforward. it was the fun part!

> Again, thanks for all the hard work!

you are welcome! :)
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