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mandoc 1.13.1 Released
Contributed by pitrh on Sun Aug 10 21:38:55 2014 (GMT)
from the puff up your manuals dept.

Ingo Schwarze writes in with the news of a new and better mandoc release:

after more than seven months of active development including two hackathons, i have just released mandoc = mdocml 1.13.1 on <>.

This is a major feature release introducing the new apropos(1), makewhatis(8), and man.cgi(8) semantic search suite based on an SQLite3 database. In addition to that, it features an almost complete implementation of roff(7) numerical expressions, much improved warning and error handling and messages, and numerous minor new features and bugfixes in almost all areas. See the website for details, in particular <>.

Even though this release is the first one in the 1.13 series, it is considered a mature and stable release ready for production. The codebase has been used in production in OpenBSD-stable for several months and is contained in the upcoming OpenBSD 5.6 release. Upgrading from 1.12.3 to 1.13.1 is recommended for all systems having working SQLite3 and fts(3) implementations. Upgrading is also recommended for all systems that do not want apropos(1), makewhatis(8), or man.cgi(8), no matter whether or not they have SQLite3 and fts(3). Only systems requiring apropos(1) and makewhatis(8) but lacking either SQLite3 or fts(3) should stay on 1.12.3 for now and switch to 1.12.4 and then to 1.13.2 when these become available. The 1.12.4 release is expected to happen within the next two weeks.

Special thanks to Marc Espie and Jeremy Evans (OpenBSD) for help with various aspects of SQLite, to Sebastien Marie for a security audit of man.cgi(8), to Bob Beck (OpenBSD) for lots of feedback on the Web frontend, and to Kristaps Dzonsons (, Thomas Klausner (NetBSD), and Paul Onyschuk (Alpine Linux) for release testing.

Enjoy mandoc, and see you in the mandoc tutorial at EuroBSDCon in Sofia next month!



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  Re: mandoc 1.13.1 Released (mod 4/46)
by Anonymous Coward ( on Wed Aug 13 06:39:06 2014 (GMT)
  As a mere user and novice I am extremely grateful for the overall outstanding documentation on OpenBSD. The new apropos system is much more convenient, reliable and faster than what I ever managed to achieve by grepping and now it's even available on man.cgi! Thanks a lot for your efforts, the improved user experience is amazing and much appreciated.
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