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Conference Report: BSDCan 2014

Contributed by pitrh on from the I still got that BOF-ing feeling dept.

Long-time Editor and OpenBSD committer Peter Hessler (phessler@) writes in with a report from the recently ended BSDCan.
BSDCan started for me with a long flight over from Europe. 9 hours before I collected one of my favourite souvenirs from a trip (the passport stamp), pop into Tim Hortons to grab a coffee (North American drip coffee is just that. Drip.) before running to bounce up to Ottawa.
I met up with some other OpenBSD developers (Ingo@, Beck@, Henning@) who had arrived early for a bit of socialising and the infamous GoatBOF. During most of the two tutorial days, I worked on the rest of my slides for my presentation, but did take some time off to sit in Peter Hansteen's famous PF Tutorial. Quite enjoyable, and I was able to give some alternative viewpoints on some questions that attendees were asking about.

Delightfully, I gave my talk on the first day, so I was able to relax and enjoy the second half of the day, as well as the entire 2nd day.

Henning's talk about 10 years of OpenBGPd was a nice companion talk to mine, and had a fair amount of overlap of the audience. (Polite) Semi-interactive discussions during the talks can be quite fun and informative.

We had been meeting many other OpenBSD developers throughout the first day (a total of 10 of us), and afterwards we joined all of the other projects and attendees at the social event to mingle and chat about all sorts of things. Usual topics: talks from the day, projects we were working on, airplane technologies, hockey, work.

Day Two for me started with two OpenBSD talks, Ingo@ talking about making mandoc(1) awesome, and Beck@ talking about the first 30 days of LibreSSL. There was additionally an OpenBSD/LibreSSL BOF held during the lunch session, where we hold a Q&A interacting with the audience.

At the end of Day 2, alas, the good times had to end with the Closing Session. Groff The BSD Goat was named and christened, and will be travelling to all of the sister BSD Conferences, EuroBSDCon, and later to AsiaBSDCon.

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