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BSDCan 2014 Day 2: LibreSSL, mandoc
Contributed by pitrh on Sat May 17 17:04:15 2014 (GMT)
from the man man, man! dept.

Day 2 of BSDCan 2014 is in progress, with more news from OpenBSD developers. In addition to the crowd-pleasing LibreSSL talk by Bob Beck (beck@) we covered already, the other OpenBSD item of the day was Ingo Schwarze's presentation on new trends in mandoc. This is certain to make your favorite operating system's documentation even more useable.

There is also a lunchtime OpenBSD, libressl and stuff BOF session that may produce interesting results.


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  Re: BSDCan 2014 Day 2: LibreSSL, mandoc (mod 2/38)
by phessler (phessler) ( on Sun May 18 11:54:35 2014 (GMT)
why in god's name am I wearing pants?
  > apropos Ev=USER

WOW. Holy crap, that is awesome.....
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