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BSDCan 2014 Day 1: Octeon Progress, OpenBGPD 10 Years, A Year of bgp-spamd

Contributed by pitrh on from the we will, we will route you dept.

After the tutorial days warmup round, BSDCan 2014 had its first day of talks, including Paul Irofti (pirofti@) on Progress in the Octeon port, Peter Hessler (phessler@) on bgp-spamd's first year and Henning Brauer (henning@) on 10 years of OpenBGPD.

Slides for the talks should be visible via links in there referenced pages, and the talks were recorded, so video should turn up soon.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Half a dozen videos from BSDCan 2014 are already available on Andrew Ross's YouTube channel

  2. By Motley Fool (MotleyFool) on


    Thanks for the update on Octeon. With a dirth of documentation you've done a lot of work. I would have donated more of them if I could.


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