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Android's C Library Has 173 Files of Unchanged OpenBSD Code

Contributed by tbert on from the good-diffs-make-good-neighbors dept.

On may 2, 2014, a message with the somewhat arcane subject libc: #define to remove support for %n from printf(3)? from the main Android libc maintainer turned up on tech@, where part of the lead in was,

i maintain Android's C library which, as you may know, contains a lot of OpenBSD code. i've been working to clean up our mess and get us back in sync with upstream, and currently have 173 files that are exactly the same as current upstream OpenBSD. (more than we have from the other two BSDs put together.)

There's more after the fold:

the one thing i've had pushback on is that by switching to the current upstream source i've effectively added support for printf(3)'s %n to Android, which our security guys are not happy about. Android has never supported %n before.

ideally i'd like to have no differences between Android and OpenBSD in the shared source files, because i've seen what a mess things were when we diverged (and how many bugs went unfixed in Android despite having been fixed for years upstream). so rather than start back on the slippery slope of adding Android-specific hacks, i wondered if you'd consider adding #ifndef REMOVE_PERCENT_N_SUPPORT (or whatever) around the implementation of %n in lib/libc/stdio/vfprintf.c and lib/libc/stdio/vfwprintf.c.

you already have stuff like FLOATING_POINT and PRINTF_WIDE_CHAR so there's some precedent here.

thoughts? (assuming this is the right list. if not, please point me in the right direction.)


The thread goes on with suggestions from Bob Beck (beck@) and others that OpenBSD tends to prefer removing knobs rather than put more in, and so there may be other ways to fix the perceived problem and help our downstream Android developers.

The change was subsequently committed:

Module name:	src
Changes by:	2014/05/03 06:36:45

Modified files:
	lib/libc/stdio : vfprintf.c vfwprintf.c 

Log message:
Add #ifndef NO_PRINTF_PERCENT_N.  Since we are fully standardized, we
don't use disable %n ourselves.  But Google's Android libc is based
on our libc....  Giving them an easy knob to disable this dangerous
feature easily make their job easier without making our job any harder.
Request from Elliott @ google

It's nice to see good code (and security-consciousness!) being exported to other projects.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    A wise decision. thanks!

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Well but not all of them are up2date. Specialy the arc4random for example.

    It is still nice to see that they try to catch up now.

  3. By brynet (Brynet) on

    Android Bionic has committed this now as well.

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