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KerberosV removed from -current

Contributed by jj on from the kdestroy dept.

This gem of a commit message from reyk@ waves a not-so-fond farewell to Kerberos V:

The complexity and quality of kerberosV and the fact that almost
nobody is using it doesn't justify to have it in base - disable and
remove it.  If the 2 two people who use it still want it, they can
make a port or recompile OpenBSD on their own.

There is a quote in theo.c from August 2010: "basically, dung beetles
fucking.  that's what kerberosV + openssl is like".

Discussed with many.  Tests by henning@ reyk@ and others.
ok deraadt@ henning@

Another story of unmaintained and possibly unused code that ends up in the attic. Any Kerberos users out there who want it back will need to step forward and contribute one way or the other. Some code is obviously worth cleaning up, other code is destined for retirement, it seems.

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