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Call for testing: acpiec(4) clear events on attach and resume

Contributed by pitrh on from the acpi-easy-event dept.

Paul Irofti (pirofti@) wrote in about his ongoing effort to untangle acpiec events. Paul writes,

The following patch attempts to fix an issue where multiple ACPI EC events pile up during suspend and fill a buffer that upon resume prevent further event notifications.

The fix clears up the event queue early on during resume and also upon initial acpiec(4) attach.

And of course there's a patch to test - description and download link after the fold.

Initially reported by Samsung users[1], this issue might affect a larger range of models so we don't want to flush based on whitelisting. We want to flush on all machines.

This forced flushing, although very unlikely, might provoke in theory a bug where the BIOS might expect an event to be present upon resume. Again this is a very unlikely thing to happen and doing it would require serious BIOS contortions.

In order to clear this up and see if this helps some machines, I would really appreciate if people would test the following diff on as many models as possible and report back if anything changes in either a good or bad way.

[1] -

You can read the tech@ message via here, and extracting the patch is left as an excercise to the reader :)

Now go ahead, test! Don't be shy!

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