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Call for Testing: acpiasus(4)

Contributed by tbert on from the have-you-tried-turning-it-off-and-on-again dept.

Paul Irofti (pirofti@) posted to tech@ a call for owners of ASUS laptops to test a diff that may fix attach behaviours:
It seems to me that the activate function was registered as a detach
function. This diff puts the activate function in the proper cfattach

Index: dev/acpi/acpiasus.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/sys/dev/acpi/acpiasus.c,v
retrieving revision 1.15
diff -u -p -r1.15 acpiasus.c
--- dev/acpi/acpiasus.c	6 Dec 2013 21:03:02 -0000	1.15
+++ dev/acpi/acpiasus.c	29 Jan 2014 12:57:26 -0000
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ extern int wskbd_set_mixervolume(long, l
 struct cfattach acpiasus_ca = {
 	sizeof(struct acpiasus_softc), acpiasus_match, acpiasus_attach,
-	acpiasus_activate
+	NULL, acpiasus_activate
 struct cfdriver acpiasus_cd = {

As he says in his follow-up email, "People with asus, please test and report back on both success and failure."

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  1. By Paul Irofti (bulibuta) on gopher://

    Thank you for helping with this announcement.
    The diff has been committed in -current so it's even easier to test.

    Please let me know if any problems arise with -current (that weren't there before my commit) when suspend/resuming on Asus laptops.



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